To support a professional approach to OHSEQ reporting (and other significant issues) MULI provides a formulated reporting framework.

Muli have extended basic incident maintenance into a single reporting framework from the simple to catastrophic. The framework allows one incident to have many personal plant and equipment environment and quality review and witness standards attached. Muli have created a default standard incident reporting framework for recording all process failures.

See detailed discussion of OHSEQ in procedure.

Occupational Health Safety Environment and Quality

Muli provides a structured framework for professionally managing the standard OHSEQ goals.

For each Trade package you would create:

  • Part A: Body of Knowledge : Clear statement of company policy and objectives company in sites on issues that should be constructed in managing the trade package "The gotcha check-list". Definition of validation criteria to be applied in part C and D reviews (for each of the 3 classes). This is a policy document across the company and not specific to a given project.
  • Part B: The pre contract check-list document project and subcontractor specific addessing how users in the project will be addressed would normally be included in subcontract.
  • Part C: Where the subcontract process requires regular time based reviews they fall in this category, in some cases this would become the fist stage of subcontract payment authorisation.
  • Part D: Post Contract Review of the subcontract performance.

On each project management will have deferred the project quality level

  • Supervisor
  • Industry Best Practice
  • Commercial/Industrial

This would have been set prior to estimating so relevant rates were allowed.