Cost Allocations

The data supplied with a new Muli installation includes the Cost Codes – in Muli, named "Allocations".

In addition to a complete range of codes covering all the Trades a Builder may need, there are ranges devoted to Specialist Contractors.

Muli provides a central framework of Allocations (Cost Codes) standard across the business.

Allocation 0001-0999 Reserved for Overheads/GL

Project Income

1150-1159 Inter Project Transfers (Construction Management)
1160-1199 Risk2Do project-wide controls
1200-1699 Project Preliminaries


User Reserved

1800-1999 Profit Centre P&L item
2000-2299 Site Trades


User Reserved


Fit-out Trades

6000-6699 Technical Trades
7100-7399 User Reserved
7400-7999 Special Trades
8000-8099 Project Management
8100-8149 Design Architect


User Reserved

8200-8399 Design Consultant


User Reserved

9000-9549 Muli Reserved
9550-9599 Land Procurement
9600-9659 Land Conversion
9660-9699 Land Holding
9700-9769 Marketing
9770-9799 Sales Administration
9800-9849 Legal
9850-9899 Finance costs
9900-9949 Global Budgets
9950-9998 Project Contracts, PC's, Interest Other Parties, etc


Users are totally free to rename Allocations and change GL Sequence Numbers to relocate account presentation locations.

The provision of project templates, Project range ZZ98000-ZZ99999 provides Muli provided and User modified project templates that include logical default allocations for a given project. eg. Add ZZ99111 Template- House.