1. Main Elements

    • Establish the context
    • Identify risks
    • Analyse risks
    • Evaluate risk
    • Treat risks
    • Monitor and review
    • Communicate and consult
    • Be applied at the strategic level and at operational levels
  2. Management Accounting- When reports are tailored to suit the needs of company managers or directors instead of organizations that are not directly associated with the business. The purpose of management accounting is to help management make better decisions.
  3. Management Focus 423

  4. Management Review - The organisation's executive shall ensure a review of the risk management system is carried out at specified intervals.

  5. Manager RPC

  6. Margin- The difference between revenue and expenses.

  7. Marketing Access

  8. Marketing Code 647

  9. Marketing Method 654

  10. Marketing RPC

  11. Marketing SM

  12. Master Risk - Risk items in master projects may be set up to enable a quick set up of a new project

  13. Maturity- The repayment date of a liability.

  14. Membership number

  15. Membership to Date

  16. Mentor Executive
    In many companies a person is allocated a mentor to provide another view/sounding board to assist the RPC reach their potential.

  17. Menu keystrokes

  18. Merger- When two organizations absorb into one entity and share assets and liabilities, yet no new entity is created.

  19. Money Laundering- The process of disguising illegally obtained funds so they seem legal.

  20. Monitor - To check, supervise, observe critically, or record the progress of an activity, action or system on a regular basis in order to identify change.

  21. Month

  22. Muli Remote "X"
    Muli have provided a modified approach to the "x2go" Remote X user.