The Muli General Ledger framework is Simple Accrual allowing for complex company GL structures up to 35 separate legal entities (1-9, A-Z). Each legal entity up to 25 profit centres (A-Y) (Z reserved for General Ledger which is a separate project each year).


Each profit centre may have P&L each year. All transactions are kept for at least the life of a project. Our first client has all transactions from day one in 1983. Completed projects are excluded from presentation in major reports but able to be searched providing a wealth of history.

Set of Accounts

Muli provides detailed management accounts that include:

  • Profit and Loss
  • Balance sheet
  • IFRS Projects Report- identiied work in progress assets and work in progress liability
  • Aged Account Payable
  • Aged Account Receivable
  • Bank Reconciliation

While most companies will consolidate the detailed management reports for corporate reporting, our goal is for the companies professional management to understand the accounts, how they come together and verify the values  and hence do a better job!