Muli is an extensive total front and back office solution for project oriented businesses.

The attached items highlight the MULI system features.

Project Accounting Software

Why do you need a Builder's/Contractor's Project based Accounting Software?

You're a Professional Project Manager first, and Muli Provide a common accounting approach to Projects & general Ledger- that's why you need to:

Manage the Administration processes to provide:

Project Accounting of large value Projects over time,

using your own employees and subcontractors.

Risk management fraimwork


MULI was developed by the current Managing Director of MULI - Mr Ronald Skeoch,
a pioneer of Construction Accounting in Australia
with 10 years Senior construction management experience with Bovis Lend Lease / Civil & Civic

Some other advantages that distinguish MULI :


Once a contractors turnover in business is over $2 million, it is time to use an accrual based accounting solution such as MULI.

MULI provides an entry solution "Muli Entrée" which is an economical 2-Active User Muli Cloud Hosted Solution with added functionality to allow a viable start-up for your company.

MULI aims to help businesses that have outgrown their small business accounting packages.
You can economically  see how MULI provides a  powerful Accrual and Earned Value accounting package at an entry level price that smaller builders can afford, with Options to up-scale.


MULI has a proven history of supporting project business growth starting with under $0.5M turnover to ultimately exceeding $600M turnover.

Many clients find the joys of a project business's sweet spot that provides an exceptional income/Lifestyle without the pressure of a large corporate business.

We still have our first customer from 1983.

Whatever your project business - MULI will provide a management framework for management growth.


Like many construction companies across Australia, service can be as important as materials and labour.
MULI will always remain competitive through its intimate understanding of the construction industry which is all Australian based
AND fast turn-around Support.
We've heard MULI is quick to learn due to the intuitive nature of the software being designed by a former builder.

AGAIN, you are not an Accountant or an I.T. Professional, however you want to appreciate the difference between construction accounting systems.
MULI offers a secure Hosted Linux Server Solution, so you don't need to set up a server in your office, nor pay I.T. contractors to have it maintained.
What does Linux mean for the builder?  Being open source, Linux is arguably more flexible and stable to your needs and changes in the industry.
MULI spends half a million dollars annually on software development to adapt to changes and improvement, with feedback from our clients.

Linux encourages the I.T. experts in the general public to develop, change and create their own Linux programs.  Linux has afforded director Ronald Skeoch and the MULI I.T.  development team significant flexibility to better solve accounting challenges unique to the construction industry.  You can read more about MULI's involvement in the IT industry here.

SURE – it's fully integrated - so you have no worries that the retention data is visible in both the project management and accounts payable.
BUT -  the emphasis is on managing your building project data properly first, then your accounting reports will flow ON.

We do it this way because MULI wants to keep you in business – we want to help you grow your business, or at least take on more work without increasing your back-office staff. 

What's the point in making your main focus "historical data".   In the building industry, it doesn't make sense - because it's too late.
You have to remain focused on your current jobs and make sure you are managing them in the best manner – to protect your liquidity and long term profitability.

As a Builder you want to make sure that your Project Accounting Software can handle:

  • Retentions for Subcontractors
  • Variations in Scope of Works
  • Contracts – both Lump Sum and Cost Plus & the small ones in between
  • Payroll involving Rostered Days Off and industry Allowances
  • Security of Payments Act compliance
  • Risk Management
  • BIGGEST need of all in Builders Software – a powerful Project Review so you know exactly where you stand with your building project –
    Are you financing it or is the client? 
    What's the real cost at completion?

MULI was designed as a Builders Accounting Software from the point of view of the Builder -  Accounting was proven afterwards.

Designed by a Builder for Builders

Builders' Accounting Software has a name
                  – it's called MULI