Project Management Risks

Risk2Do for Project Management Risks

Muli accounts for Project Management Risks through the use of an integrated facility called Project Risk2Do. There may be differences of opinion and emphasis but essentially all risk management requires the identification and allocation of responsibility for a specified process or outcome to ensure it is structurally managed. 

While Muli's Risk2Do tool can be applied to meet all the requirements of AS/NZS4360 Risk Management, it is usually implemented in a simpler fashion which will achieve the desired outcomes without the excessive administration. 

Each Risk2Do activity:

  • is unique
  • is attached to a specific project allocation (trade element)
  • has a project role assigned from a list of responsible people
  • records the Risk $ Provided; Risk Worst Case $ or an Opportunity Value 
  • includes Timings & Scheduling information
  • can be printed on subcontractor's documentation

Muli's Project Software reports Project Management Risks to management as part of the Project Review Process.

MORE INFORMATION on Project Management Risks, select MODULES from the top menu and examine PROJECT RISK2DO.

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