Operational Risk Management Software

Operational Risk Management Software for Structured Analysis

If you automate the process of identifying, measuring and monitoring operational risk then the output is a structured risk analysis.

Muli now offer Risk2Do Operational Risk Management Software within the base package of its Construction Accounting Software.

Ww recommend extending it's use beyond just project management risks. Instead Risk2Dos can be more general in scope and can offer a top-down risk assessment  measuring risk for every entity in the organisation. This would then be combined with a process level assessment examining business processes across the organisation looking for operational risks resulting from failed processes, people, systems or external events.

Muli's Risk2Do provides some "role based" dashboards and also visibility into the ongoing risk management efforts. It also overcomes the main failing of other systems where there is no integration with the project accounting software. This means the financial impact of risks are not automatically taken into account in the regular project reviews.

In the construction industry where risks are inherent with every element and trade it is vital to see a tight integration with the risk management software. Muli's Construction Accounting Software with the integrated facility called Risk2Do fills this need rather than relying upon  a standalone Operational Risk Management Software solution.

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