Linux Accounting Software

Linux Accounting Software - The Secure Alternative

Muli Construction Accounting Software is supplied as a Linux Accounting Software solution. Many businesses have selected Linux for its security, stability, low cost and commitment to open standards. Muli's decision to standardise on Linux as the server for their mission critical tasks is, we believe, in our clients long-term interests.

Linux being an open source platform also means that as a software provider, Muli, can be guaranteed access to the inner working of the operating system no matter what the status of the company developing or maintaining the platform. 

Muli took into account:

  • that a company's accounting system is not a 3-5 year utility that becomes redundant because technology is moving on.
  • that users of an accounting solution as well as the software providing companies need to have a platform that can be constantly migrated within available technology solutions.
  • personal experience of 2 prior supplier failures

There are several distributors of Linux but after careful consideration Muli chose Ubuntu – a company with similar philosophies to Muli

The Ubuntu community is built around the ideals enshrined in the Ubuntu Philosophy: that software should be available free of charge, that software tools should be usable by people in their local language and despite any disabilities, and that people should have the freedom to customise and alter their software in whatever way they see fit.

Muli is an accredited Bronze Level Ubuntu Software Partner and exclusively develops Linux Accounting Software.



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