Job Cost Accounting Software

Muli's Job Cost Accounting Software  - Designed with You in Mind

Construction Project Managers and Professional Service people no longer have to make do with simple job cost software when they really need a solution that places more emphasis on revenue and profitability.

Muli uses the Term "Project" instead of "Job" to infer a capability to undertake a greater scope of work.

Muli's key features include the ability to:

  • allocate responsible people, material and subcontractors to projects
  • handle more complex projects with several phases and multiple jobs
  • accommodate different basis for projects (time & materials; lump sum, cost plus)
  • conform to standard billing practices in the construction industry (eg retentions)
  • automatically create the customers invoice
  • incorporate a timesheet system for employees that is able to be completed off-site
  • have an integrated payroll system
  • select when revenue is to be recognised via an earned value approach
  • report of the status of each project and drill down to the transaction level

Muli's job cost accounting software incorporates risk management functionality and liquidity reporting.

To get a greater understanding of our Job Cost Accounting Software select MODULES from the top menu and examine PROJECT BUDGETS & VARIATIONS

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