Builders Software

Isn't Builders Software the same as Estimating Software?

Well, years ago Builders Software was viewed as an extension of Estimating. Type “Builders Software” into a search engine and typically the first few results will be for Estimating packages. But the days of just using a good estimating tool plus a general accounting package in the home office are gone.

Why? Well dealing with Subcontractors is tougher these days. You need to prepare contracts and amendments to contracts, reconcile retentions, pay progress claims, and even keep track of their insurances.
And if you employ people then your employees are subject to so many allowances and RDOs that doing the payroll has developed into a major exercise. And if your Payroll is not designed for the building industry then you may end up overpaying staff because of RDO miscalculations. This is what builders have told us.
So we're proud to say that Muli is Building Software that is actually designed from the “foundations up” to suit your industry. And we keep it that way. Every user has their Calendars containing the Rostered Days Off and Public Holidays for each State in Australia automatically updated each year by Muli plus your Tax Scales are maintained.
Do we do your Estimate for you? – not at the moment – but when you turn that Estimate into a Budget we'll take care of everything else until the job is closed.
Muli – not just Builders Software, but PROFESSIONAL Builders Software.


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