Building Project Management Software

Searching for Building Project Management Software?

Probably something has happened in you business to make you decide that your current software is not good enough. 

It could be a new contract you've won that needs a different approach – say Cost Plus instead of Lump Sum.

Or it could be that your current software just keeps crashing.

Or maybe it's just not designed for Building Projects and you are sick of the double and triple handling of data using spreadsheets to cope.

It's Different with MULI.

Our building construction software is a complete suite of fully integrated applications - so you can forget about all those spreadsheets for a start.

Muli will actually help you organise your documents and files – so that you will know where to look for them when they are needed.

Plus Muli will provide your staff with STANDARDS  to help reduce misunderstandings between workers  and subcontractors.

And Muli will take control of issues related to “Money Matters” as Muli has a strict – NO ORDER – NO PAYMENT policy so you can be confident that every transaction is being accounted for.

Finally – the more you use Muli the easier it gets – since you can use past successful projects and budget as a basis for future ones.

You may not have heard of Muli – but that's changing as more successful builders leave the corporate world to start their own company, they are taking their past experience of Muli with them and using it as their “secret weapon” to secure their new business growth. Because Muli is affordable.

Now that you've found Muli, you can join them. Your search for great Building Project Management Software is over.


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Relax with a demo and see the our Building Project Management Software in use.

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