Accounting Software for Builders

Finding good Accounting Software for Builders should be easy – Right?

When you start your business you just go to the Computer Store and buy one those packages called “M” something – Right?

If you really want to look after your Building Business then the only useful “M”- word is MULI.

Builders don't stock and sell something the same as a shop or a wholesaler does – so why would you consider using software designed for them instead of Builders Software?

Builder's don't manufacture if they did what style of manufacturing? Repetitive? Batch? Jobbing I suppose. No – None of these so they can't use Manufacturing or ERP software.

Builders BUILD a scope of works to a contract. 

It takes a while and may even run over several years. That's "Tax Years" so be careful how your Public Accountant reports what profit you pay tax on. Because you won't know how much real profit you've made until its finished.

Builders also employ staff - who want Rostered Days Off, and special allowances. Think you can keep a track of that using a General Payroll tool?

Builders have to deduct Retentions from their Subcontractors Claims? Ask your Computer Store if they can explain how “5% to 10% Retention” is handled in that package they have on special.

Oh then there's Variation Management and … and … you get the idea!

Your needs are different! You need Accounting Software for Builders – you need Muli.


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