Accounting Software Comparisons

Accounting software comparisons are best done yourself.

If you are contemplating a comparison of accounting software you can use the following as a guide to the features to look for in each project accounting software package:

  • Developer's years in business
  • Operating System – should be robust for mission critical applications
  • Market Focus – targeted to your industry?
  • Hosting offered as alternative to Network? 
  • Version # – are you testing a brand new product or does it have a pedigree?
  • Database supported
  • Implementation Services – recommended/required/DIY
  • Skeleton data included in basic installation?
  • Average Implementation Period
  • Support – List the services offered? Indicative cost/hour?
  • Training – what are the options? Suggested Training Budget?
  • Number of installations
  • Customisation offered?
  • Detailed feature list (key must have functions)

Now that you've done your accounting software comparisons you are ready to supplement the information with a detailed demonstration.

Accounting Software Comparisons


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