MULI is a large system of over 600 Business Applications providing front and back office solutions for project oriented business winning large value contracts executed over extended time.


Hosted "Muli Entrée"

2 user  AUD$5,000  +500 per mth

Hosted  "Muli Entrée Plus"  (Payroll or Subcontractor)

2 user  AUD$6,000  +550 per mth

Hosted  "Muli Entrée  Full

2 user  AUD$7,000  +600 per mth


Before you purchase, please read the terms and conditions Module pricing

Monthly Hosting includes Data storage to 10 GB; Updates of purchased modules, Backups; Annual Maintenance fee


Installation, Set-up, Support & Training  (By Muli)

          (users may choose Associates for this service)

10 hour AUD$1,900
20 hour AUD$3,750
50 hour AUD$8,900

                 ** For Australian customers please add GST


                                          Larger Hosted and In-­house systems

                                                            are by quote.

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