Service Offered by Associates

Muli Associates work with Muli or other accredited Muli Associates to provide a total range of services comprising:

Implementation Services (initial 3-15 months):


  • Guide Balance Take On
  • Rationalise list of Allocations (“Chart of Accounts”)
  • Workshop “Earned Value Approach to Profit Recognition”
  • Train on handling BAS
  • End of Month & End of Year activities
  • Preparing Financial Reports

Contract Administration

  • Modify Subcontracts to suit Muli Templates
  • Customising other External Documents


  • Manage Payroll Set-up
  • Guide Leave balance take on
  • Plan OH&S and Human Resources data entry
  • Establish Pay-runs
  • Train all staff in Time Sheet Entry
  • Oversee Payroll Manager during pay-run
  • Guide Superannuation and Leave management

Project Management

  • Match Contract Methods in use to Muli Project Processes
  • Assist in preparing budgets from estimates
  • Raise Labour Orders, Supply Orders & Subcontracts
  • Prepare Claim Schedule
  • Train on use of Variations & Amendments
  • Approval Process for Payments
  • Conduct Project Reviews

Client Relationship (ongoing):

  • Progressively implement further logical controls in line with business objectives (eg OH&S, Risk2Dos, Digital Objects, eMail Management)
  • Ensure clients are aware of Muli product extensions and improvements and supply & implement where appropriate
  • Train new staff as required

Network & Computer Hardware:

  • Typically managed by the client's existing hardware provider 
  • An Associate with Ubuntu Linux skills may also find opportunities