Lump Sum Construction Contracts

Lump Sum Contract - You Take The Risk

When your Construction business is based on a Lump Sum Contract you're involved with quoted prices and variations and you take the risks on real costs. You need purpose built construction accounting software that will help with subcontractors contracts, risk management,  variations and amendments.

Typically you have a number of project managers and you need help making sure that invoices are processed promptly so you can keep a close eye on the liquidity and profitability of all the projects you're running.

Muli was designed by someone whose walked in your boots.

You should refer to our PROJECT REVIEW, COST & PROCESSES page.

If you prefer to WATCH rather than to READ, then our Demonstration Video 107 - Project Processes shows you how to use Lump Sum Contracts.

You can fast forward to 3 min 39 sec to an introduction of Lump Sum Contract processing and then follow a progress claim if you fast forward to 24 min 58 seconds. Select to watch a Demonstration below.

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